The Bubble Project is really for anyone who has ever questioned changing direction in their lives,  but wasn’t sure where to start or what part of their life they really wanted to  change ? We often will acknowledge to our self early on that something just doesn’t feel right or we get a ” gut feeling” ,or we just feel like our bubble is about to burst.

I want to share  some of the lessons that were taught to me from my time being around and in the equine ,feline and canine world  backed with some evidence about how aminals can help us to see what needs changing.  Also the work with with vulnerable young homeless people , people with all types disabilities, including people living with dementia . Drawing on my professional skills and personal growth I  want to create the Knowledge Bubble with you .

Starting from December 1st , the Bubble Project hopes to make a difference by being able to share stories , tips and imple tools that will help you know that you can make better informed decisions , and develop better and more insightful and proactive problem solving skills . I hope that by being able to reach out to others, about what I have learned,  tried along the way, this insight can inspire you and support you too with  decisions that you may be thinking about making in different parts of your life. Through the different lens in my world and drawing on areas of philosophy, social science , health , animal relationships and  interaction and sharing our stories I hope to expand the Knowledge Bubble with you.